Monday, March 27, 2006

welcome to the crossing

so this is the new site design. feel free to add your feedback. i envision that each worship planning team will have a post about their upcoming service (at least a week, if not more) posted to start some conversation going.


Anonymous jason said...

So this is the new design. It's clean and light-weight, built off of a free template that I made some modifications to. The top banner is a fusion of the image that Stephanie's been using combined with a picture of the skyline that I took a while back (it's the first thing that came to mind when we got our name). I would have had the site up sooner, but for the other site I was working on all weekend.


7:29 PM  
Anonymous ben garren said...

My first reaction to the site is, cool lay out. My second reaction was that it is a little to squeaky clean for our group. I just have a more bohemain feel to us then this website puts off. I really love the idea of the boston skyline being there... could we get a picture of it at dusk to reflect our meeting time and that getting off of work vibe?

I will be bluntly honest and say I have never been a fan of the cross with the icthus we are using. This is purely because I relate it to the realm of christian symbolism currently in use by fundamentalist groups. I think this will be an associatin many other southerners will make and I fear for some it will give a very false impression of our group. I like the idea of an angled cross that is cropped. If I were to pose a picture it would be a rouph wood cross (we have some nice fair trade ones in the store i could nick) unadorned in the midst of candlelight. i am willing to do this either with my own camera (film will take me a few days and the loan of a scanner) or with a digital camera (i am guessing there is one in diocesan office). This, i think, would give it more of an our feel.

Finally I would prefer a colour scheme other then my alma mater's white and carolina blue. Something more dusky and evening esque.

So i like everythign but want to change everything. Mainly its the fact that at the moment i get a morning midday feel from the page when we are an evening group.

So thats my two cents. Much thanks for getting the page up.

8:24 AM  
Anonymous stephanie said...

good notes, all. i dig what ben said about 1) the daytime skyline and 2) the icthus (i was totally ripping off word clipart, so if you've got something grittier, bring it on!).

for that matter, i'm not into the "where your life meets our life meets god's life" (even though i made it up). feels kinda insider, like you're coming into OUR circle. if anybody has a better idea, kick it PLEASE!!!

will get the readings up for everybody asap.

6:16 PM  
Anonymous Ben Garren said...

I will get my camera out and put a few possibilities together. I will have them for review next week.

Possibilities for a catch phrase

"O Lord, We Beseech Thee! Amen" Monty Python

"Blessed Be" Ancient Celtic Blessing

"God Exists. His Place is Very Cool. Look at how it is where God is" -mesoamerican indian, mazatec, maria sabina

11:28 AM  
Anonymous jason said...

I've been sitting back a bit to see what develops conversation-wise, time for me to chime back in.

I'll make some adjustments of the "framing" color, tone it to some more evening hues, but I'd like to keep the text area as it, just so it's easier to read. Also, something that occurred to me was the idea of "seasonal" banners at top. Something with a seasonal image (boston in snow, autumn colors, etc) on the left and a cross motif (fixed) on the right.

As for a catchphrase, the one that was really popular in New Wine days was a logo I developed that was simply the word "explore." After all, aren't we all taking part in a greater exploration? It invites new opinions and insights, and leans in the direction that "we don't have a lock on the truth, and that's ok. help us find it".

Also, I don't think I'll be able to make it tonight, but I will be sending out some rota stuff in the next day or so, along with instructions on how to post here.


11:16 AM  
Anonymous jason said...

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Anonymous stephanie said...

this thursday's agenda, plus notes from last thursday ... (sent as email, too)


rosanne, ben and i had an incredibly fruitful conversation last thursday about spreading the word re: the crossing. i know several of you wanted to attend but couldn't. never fear! the detailed notes are below.

more urgent: we meet THIS THURSDAY at 6-8:30 p.m. in the lawrence room here at the cathedral (the lovely meeting room on the main floor, on your left after you've walked down the long entry corridor and into the reception area). following our format from last thursday, we will ...

-- share a simple 20-minute evening prayer around the table, followed by a meal (JASON AND ANDY: if you could plan the prayer gathering, 'twould rock; the reading is exodus 3:7-12; i'm happy to offer support.)
-- review plans for the wednesday, april 12, tenebrae service, our contribution to holy week at the cathedral
-- start to present some materials for publicizing and inviting people to our april 20 go-live date
-- continue planning what needs to be in place for april 20: space, worship, greeting, hospitality, etc.
-- nail down a schedule for worship planning for the next month (at least)
-- closing prayer with blessing

A WORD ON GETTING OUT THE WORD: while we'll have lots of publicity rolling out over the coming weeks (up to and beyond april 20), we all know that's not the chief way that people will learn about the crossing. it's relationships! so, while we shouldn't feel intense pressure to turn out 50 people for a big start (although, if that happened, we'd give praise to god!), i hope you'll be inspired to connect with friends and anybody else you know who might be yearning for god and community and a common practice the way we've all been yearning.

-- LOGO & WEB: rosanne and jason have both been working on the logo (if you haven't hit the website design, go there:; click on the "welcome to the crossing" line to view and add to blog).
* the crossing will be regularly announced on the cathedral's sunday morning radio program
* a banner will hang between the two huge columns in front of the church from easter sunday on
* website will include short video on the crossing and the emerging church phenomenon (available on our website and the main st. paul's website)
* use diocesan avenues to reach churchy folk: FYI (monthly pub), postulants and candidates mailing list, other group lists, cathedral crossing bookstore
* by april 12, producing business cards, postcards, fliers (8.5x11) and posters (just 9x12) for a variety of uses:
- giving to friends & colleagues
- leaving/posting at local yoga studios, gyms, thrift stores, coffeehouses, bookstores, co-op groceries (think both sides of the river)
- special attention to campuses closest to cathedral: suffolk, emerson, tufts medical. might pick dates to stand outside and hand out biz cards. we've got contacts at all the campuses. steph will check with offices of spiritual life at each campus to get tips on access, radio ads, etc.
- coverage at boston univ (inc. seminary), harvard univ (inc. seminary), episcopal divinity school, mit, boston college, boston theological institute, tufts univ. if there's an episcopal chaplain on a campus, let him/her know, but no need to push to their particular circle; they've got their own gigs and we're not encroaching.

-- cast images on the two blank walls on either side of the high altar (mosaics that look like stained glass? icons? cool).
-- invite people with theater backgrounds to join us in planning best, most creative use of space

that's the word, friends! got questions? comments? reply via e-mail (soon, at our blog) and we'll keep it rolling.

blessed be,

2:20 PM  

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