Wednesday, September 28, 2011

party on the common!!!

It may rain: we've got a big tent. We may look like evangelicals proclaiming the word of God out in public: um, yes, that's the point.

Crossing B-Day Invite

THIS THURSDAY, we celebrate our 5th birthday, the 5th year since God stirred The Crossing to life, and we want to say thank you: to Boston, to God, to the Cathedral and Diocese, to members past and present.

There will be rocking worship, followed by a party and concert featuring bands connected to our ministry (don't miss Jamie Hart's band doing some life-affirming dance music, plus a foot-stomping gospel set).

This will be a family affair, our gift to the city we love, and it's gonna take ALL of us to make it happen. If this community has been part of your journey, then ...

1. ATTEND, bring 2 friends and give us a shout on Facebook

2. VOLUNTEER to make it happen:

3. GIVE a special birthday gift to The Crossing community. We're working to raise $10,000 in one night, and giving 10% away to justice efforts.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

go public with your love

This fall has turned into a season to witness to God’s love.

This past weekend, people all over Boston and all over the world prayed and marked 10 years since the terror and heart-rending sadness of 9/11, and we wondered aloud how to bring reconciliation and peace to this hurting world.

This coming weekend, thousands will gather in New York City to occupy Wall Street and demand an end to the unchecked rule of greed and might. A local group of Protest Chaplains -- many of them from The Crossing -- will head to the city bearing prayer, hope and the dream of God’s justice among the protesters.

On Thursday, September 29, we’ll step out to Boston Common to celebrate The Crossing’s 5th anniversary with a Birthday Worship Party. It will be less a celebration of ourselves, and more a chance to step out, give thanks and bless the city with music, prayer, communion and real live food (I can’t wait to pass out brownies and lemonade on the corner of Boylston and Tremont Streets). We’re dreaming of a tent revival like The Common hasn’t ever seen. Come celebrate God’s love out in the open.

Progressive Christians don’t often go public with our witness. By the end of September, we’ll have enough practice to put the lie to that old story. Let’s be a different kind of Christian, world-changing Christians, starting now.

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