Wednesday, January 13, 2010

clock's ticking

Just catching up on some old missives that I sent to the whole Crossing community via email, but didn't post here. Round 1: From DECEMBER 16 (day after my birthday -- hey, I was busy!):

I'm in shock. Is it really the week before Christmas? Is Advent passing so quickly? All the intention I wanted to bring to the Advent Conspiracy! All the creative gifts I wanted to make! All the cards I still need to send! Breathe deep. Regroup. ... This Thursday night after worship, we all get a chance to pull it together in a way that's prayerful, beautiful and fun.

Everyone is invited to do a bit of "Faith Through Art" at our After-worship Gift-Making Party. We'll share Soup and Bread, as we have each week of Advent. But this time, we won't just talk about spending less, making relational gifts and giving our presence instead of just presents. We'll do it.

So hit the craft store or rummage around the house. Gather up your supplies and bring them to church (for ex: I'm bringing poems, reprints of cool icons, lovely paper, info about some favorite justice non-profits and my Christmas gift list). We'll be like Santa's elves, listening to music and keeping each other company as we finish the presents we started weeks ago (or not). Not sure what you want to make? Hang out and get some ideas. Or check out for relational gift ideas at or Beats a night at the mall.

P.S. Feel free to also bring 1) socks for the Justice Team's Christmas Party with Homeless Neighbors, to be held Saturday; and 2) check or cash to add to The Crossing community gift to the Mothers' Union in Maseno, Kenya.


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