Wednesday, June 15, 2011

now that's evangelism

I could tell you the stories and count the names of people who

helped to make our witness at this year's Pride Parade so full, beautiful and holy.

Pride 2011_fabulous floatMinister for Justice & Action Vicki Morte organized us to truly represent, and for weeks our crews gathered on the lawn of the Life Together house in Brookline to build a float that unequivocally announces "God loves you and so do we!"

Gratitude is too small a word to say how much

we owe everyone who made signs, built rainbow altar rails, brainstormed slogans, painted stained glass windows, marched in the rain, gave out candy and cards, danced on a moving flatbed, chanted, prayed. A whole lot of people know that God's name is Love today, and they know because we weren't afraid to say it.

Check out the rest of this week's Life @ The Crossing blast here.

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