Thursday, April 06, 2006

General plans for services - Our template

So here's a starting point for the general layout of our services, based
on our conversations over the last few weeks. This is just a starting
point; remember we want to keep these loose enough that they can adapt
but firm enough that we're not continually reinventing the wheel.

For the Service:
- Welcome / Check-in (with each other)
- A bit of The Word (to set the tone for the evening, bring god in)
- The Movable Ritual (body prayer, rosary, meditative walk, etc)
- Chant / Song 1
- Poem / other reading (non-biblical, to find god elsewhere)
- Silence
- Reflection / Shared Thoughts / Sermon
- Centering Prayer
- Prayers of/by/for the people
- Chant / Song 2
- Eucharist Service (The Righteous Rev. Spellers leads us here)
- Chant / Song 3 (Do we want/need this?)
- The blessing

And yes, this did go out over email back in March. Just helpful to have
here as well.


Blogger Rosanne said...

stephanie has asked me to revise the template (jason can you do your voodoo on the site) and insert a song between the words of welcome to the crossing and the centering.

12:38 PM  

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