Wednesday, September 01, 2010

taking worship to the streets (8/11/10)

and here's the second catch-up blog entry, this time from august 11:

Today is Day 1 back from vacation for me. I'm trying to figure out how to bring to ordinary life that refreshing vacation rhythm of praying, good eating, sleeping and making time for people I love. Anybody got a clue? One thing I know: whenever I've simply asked God, "Help me to keep this practice -- it feels good for me and good for my relationship with You" ... whenever I've made that simple request for grace and support, the discipline (or some form of it) has fallen into place almost effortlessly.

For instance, two years ago I started journaling every night, and it's still going, whether I'm sick or tired or both -- and, honey, that is bonafide proof of divine intervention! Now I'm adding an adapted form of Compline to my nights, and a brief Morning Prayer to begin my days (thanks to Chris Ashley for leading the July spiritual practice and getting me into this lovely habit). Please pray for me as I step into this new practice. I'll be praying that all of us move into fresh spiritual and life disciplines during the Summer Sabbath, and that we carry them into the rest of our year and the rest of our lives. That's kinda the point ...

Oh, and about this week's title: tomorrow at 6pm we worship on Boston Common before the Shakespeare in the Park production of "Othello." Yes, we'll be taking worship to the streets, and you should join!

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