Tuesday, October 12, 2010

real simple

playing catch up again -- here's a post sent to the whole crossing community back on sept. 28. just to let you know what's in the air ...

This one's so simple ...

Our Community Life crew has been listening closely to The Crossing community. What we've heard: folks want to fall in love with God and learn to intentionally journey with each other, connecting in our neighborhoods and connecting around the unique, big questions we're carrying through life. In response, the Community circle has crafted fall small groups that respond to the deepest yearnings in our community. Now, here's where you come in:
  1. Click the link for the Small Groups @ The Crossing survey. 10 multiple-choice questions. 3 minutes. Go for it.
  2. Bring your calendar to worship on Thursday and sign up to check out the group you're feeling tugged toward.
  3. Be ready to share, walk, eat, pray and love (couldn't resist) as a community this fall. Groups start as early as next week.

And even as we come together as a community, please pray for the blessed rest of the four people shot and killed in Mattapan early Tuesday morning, including two-year-old Amani Florony, and for the many people who are grieving and suffering tonight in the wake of this unspeakable tragedy. Whatever community we nurture in our small circle, it is only so we can bear that much more love and reconciliation into our city and our world. And oh, how this city and this world need that love right now.

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