Wednesday, October 29, 2008

saints alive

All Saints is the day Christians everywhere look down (to see the extraordinary, brave ancestors on whose shoulders we stand) and look up (to give thanks for these saints and pray that some of their wisdom, power and care will rest on us). Who are your saints? Is there somebody who is now gone, but whose memory inspires you? Maybe even someone who is alive and reminds you of your calling as a child of God? Bring your memories -- pictures, mementos, cards -- this Thursday, and add them to our homemade altar. We'll remember together, and then start marching like saints do ...

What's going on @ The Crossing?
Thursday @ 6pm / All Saints Worship
Kim Hudson leads with a reflection on rememering the saints ... and making our own wobbly way toward God. Our spiritual practice will help us keep on remembering and believing. So bring pictures, cards and other memorials to offer thanks for your saints: your own loved ones or anyone whose life you want to remember. Subway: Take the T to Park Street or Downtown Crossing. Driving: Validated parking @ Boston Common Garage on Charles Street. Get more info: or 617.482.4826, x318.

Thanksgiving Day (11/27) / Share a Meal with Friends
The Cathedral hosts an afternoon Thanksgiving meal for our homeless, hungry or just lonely friends every year. We won't do Crossing worship that night, but everyone is invited to help with the meal during the day. More details soon. If you're interested in helping, contact Rev. Steph at or 617.482.4826, x318.

Prayers for our Community
* Please pray for Lynn Campbell, Lianne Marquis and Audrey O'Brien. They are preparing for ordination interviews on November 14 before the Commission on Ministry (the Episcopal group that decides who can formally begin the period of education and formation that leads to ordination as a priest). Each of our sisters is already an extraordinary minister, but they will need our prayers surrounding them as they approach this important gathering.
* Please pray for everyone who is seeking work in this tough economy, including those who are underemployed and hope to find more meaningful/better paid work.
* Please pray for our Crossing leaders, who will gather this weekend to discern where our ministry is headed over the next two years.

Small Groups @ The Crossing
If you've got a passion for small groups, either to help organize this new ministry or to be in a group, then contact Jason: or 617.482.4826, x311.

Share the Groove -- Buy a copy of The Crossing's new CD!
The Crossing has released its first CD, Songs @ The Crossing. It's a collection of 14 favorite songs from our worship community, and you can get it for $15. Reply to this email, buy one on a Thursday. Bonus: you can purchase on our website: in November!

Fair Trade @ The Crossing
Want to pitch in with our effort to become a Fair Trade Ministry? The first move: changes in hospitality (fair trade/organic food, eco-friendly products, re-usable dishes that we wash after worship). To help and imagine more ways to transform life @ The Crossing, contact Bill Comer at or 617.818.5124.

Ongoing Justice & Healing Opportunities
We're serious about joining ministries that serve our homeless and hungry brothers and sisters. Please join us any day of the week!
** Monday Lunch Program takes place here at The Cathedral every Monday. Show up @ 10am to help with set-up, or at 11:30am-12:45pm to help serve & build community with our neighbors. Contact Rev. Steph at or 617.482.4826, x318.
** St. Francis House: Volunteers needed everyday to help serve meals and provide care. Boylston St, near Chinatown. Contact Lynn Campbell at or 617.654.1212.
** Haley House is a Catholic-worker style community in the South End. Volunteers needed for meals programs 6-10am every day AND 1:30-5pm Saturday and Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Could also use help tending an urban orchard in Mission Hill. See or contact Christine Evans at

If you'd like to be in touch, we'd love to connect with YOU! Look at the list and then reach out:
** Stephanie Spellers: / 617.482.4826, x318 (priest, communications, pastoral care)
** Jason Long: / 617.482.4826, x311 (newcomers, small groups)
** Chris Ashley: (budget, hospitality)
** Lynn Campbell: (ministries with the homeless, pastoral care)
** Andrea Castner-Wyatt: (worship arts, "the groovement")
** Marie Harkey: (admin, general)
** Ashley Merrell: (music ministry)

Blessings in the Spirit of the Living God!
Rev. Steph

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