Wednesday, September 23, 2009

how flexible are you?

I’ve been down South for the last week, first for my 20-year high school reunion (what?), and now to visit with family in Kentucky. It's been a total One-World experience. Time was, you had only one place to hang here in Frankfort: Wal-Mart. Now there’s a Starbucks, and that’s where I am, surrounded by velvety chairs, laptop outlets, tragically cool music and the tang of dark-roasted coffee ... just like in Boston. As I walked in, I noticed three newspapers for sale: Frankfort’s own State Journal, USA Today and The New York Times. The NYT? In KY? On a bulletin board near the door, flyers advertise a new city-wide recycling push. It’s good news. It’s also a bit surreal.

In my mind, I had fashioned a picture of my hometown, and I’m realizing just how frozen that picture is. Frankfort is the town where nobody recycles, nobody reads
The New York Times and nobody appreciates coffee-house culture. That's not true anymore. I’m not saying I want to move back soon, or that small town folks should mimic urban dwellers. But I am learning something about the temptation to freeze people and places and situations, making up your mind and not allowing them to live and move and surprise you. I’m learning about true open-mindedness and flexibility. I'm learning, ultimately, how to move with the Holy Spirit.

I should go now. My mom and I are going out for sushi. Her idea.

what's going on at the crossing?
THURSDAY @ 6pm / Worship and Fellowship
Lispeth Nutt leads the night's gospel reflection (Mark 9:38-50), while Keith Nelson guides the final week of icon meditation. AFTER WORSHIP: Join us for simple hospitality and stick around for our ritual procession to a nearby restaurant for cheap food and drinks. GETTING TO THE CROSSING: 138 Tremont St., across from Park St. T. PARKING: Validated parking @ Boston Common Garage on Charles Street (b/t Common and Public Garden). MORE INFO: Head to

NEXT MONDAY AND TUESDAY @ 7-8pm at The Cathedral / Covenant Small Groups Kick Off
The fall Covenant groups get started next week -- one on Mondays, the other on Tuesdays. Next week’s groups are wide open, coming together for one hour to decide format and details. DETAILS: Covenant groups will meet once a week for 8 to 10 weeks to reflect on The Crossing Rule for Real Life as it applies to our lives, and offer support and prayer for one another as we follow Jesus. For info, CONTACT: Laura Kraybill for the Monday group ( or 574.370.6752) or Jason Long for the Tuesday group ( or 619.519.1538).

SAT., 10/3 @ 8:30am-4pm / New England Trans Pride Parade in Northampton
A crew from The Crossing will march in this parade/celebration to support the civil rights of transgender people throughout New England. Sponsored by
New England Trans United, the march begins in Northampton at noon (2 hours from Boston), and we should be back in Boston by 4pm. CONTACT: Penny Larson, or 617.755.8420 to offer a ride, get a ride or get more info.

community notes
Connect with New Ministry Leaders
We've got an amazing new crew of ministry leaders making life happen here @ The Crossing, and they can all use partners to join their teams. See where you might like to plug in this year:

** Marie Harkey: (to get creative around worship)
** Justin Harvey: (to share info about your justice work or learn about opportunities OR if you’re a newcomer)
** Penny Larson: (to suggest communities/groups we should reach out to)
** Jason Long: (to join new fall small groups)
** Keith Nelson: (to learn about The Crossing’s Rule of Life)
** Lispeth Nutt: (to help with web ministry)
** Travis Stevens: (to be a greeter or help w/ post-worship hospitality)
** Jenna Tucker: (to help with college ministry)
** Jamie Urquhart: (to share favorite songs or offer musical talent)
** Michael Zahniser: (to talk about starting a Crossing house)

Making Music Together
Our new music director, Jamie Urquhart, wants to know the songs that most stir your heart. And if you like making music -- singing, playing an instrument, writing -- let her know that, too. CONTACT: Jamie at to share favorite titles or your musical talent.

Giving @ The Crossing – An Update
We're past halfway toward our annual giving goal of $20,000 in 2009, but it’s gonna take a generous four months to meet our goal. Please prayerfully consider making a one-time gift or start pledging (setting out an amount you'd like to give over the course of a year, and filling out a pledge card so we know we can count on your contribution). Give however you're able: cash, check or credit cards. CONTACT: Chris Ashley at

You got stuff to share (a job, a couch, a theater gig you want people to attend …)? You need stuff (lost scarf, dog-sitter, an apartment sublet …)? Log onto our online forum to connect and share information about random community announcements -- including upcoming events, apartment sublets, job opportunities, lost-and-found, furniture exchange, help requests, etc.

ongoing justice and service opportunities
Here are just a few ways to link and serve. If you are engaged in justice and social action and want to invite others to partner with you, reply to this email and we’ll list the event or program, along with your contact info.
** Monday Lunch Program: Cathedral every Monday, 10am to help with set-up, or 11:30am-12:45pm to help serve & build community with our neighbors. Contact Rev. Steph at
** Boston Faith and Justice Network: Build awareness, relationships and action around fair trade and justice issues locally and globally. Go to for more info.

Blessings and peace from the Southland!
Rev. Steph

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