Saturday, December 11, 2004

Carol Sing and Taizé

This Sunday afternoon is the annual Cathedral service of Lessons and Carols. This year a significant addition is the Synergy Brass Quintet, a highly accomplished and amazing musically diverse group of five musicians (hence the Quintet part of their name, but you knew that, didn’t you?) who will be adding their talent to the service.

The service will start at 4 p.m., and probably end just a little bit after 5, which makes the usual 5 p.m. starting time for a New Wine program problematic, as we want to have the program in the church. (Trying to pray and sing Taizé songs in the Lawrence Room, undistracted at that time with everyone coming and going after the service wouldn’t work well.) There should be no problem if we start the Taize service at 6 p.m., which will allow sufficient time for everyone to clear out of the church and then set up for Taizé.

So please know you are invited to the service of Lessons and Carols at 4; it should be great, and then you are more than welcome to stay, help set up for the Taizé service afterward. Or if you wish, please come at 5:40 to help set up, or even just sweep in grandly at the last minute at 6.

But come. It will be a good oasis in the midst of the holiday rush, a chance in both cases to sit, to pray, to listen to God.