Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fresh Air

The leaves are falling. The air is crisp. It’s finally fall! Just wanted to share some fresh ideas with y'all (ooo, that rhyme was completely unintentional!) ...

* An idea from Edith Bross, a newer member of the circle (via St. Gregory of Nyssa Church in San Fran): After the gospel is read the second time, invite people to say what word/phrase from the scripture resonates with them. Then the 5-minute reflection from the night’s leader. Then offer time for 2 or 3 people to share a BRIEF story of an experience that comes to mind because of what they just heard. Then we move into Open Space as a time to talk or drink tea or chill to the music OR write prayers. When we come back, drop the prayers into the center, and people can pick them out and share them as the basis for the Prayers of the People. What do y'all think?

* The Day of the Dead – this year it’s on Thursday, November 2 – is a colorful, emotional time when many Christians (especially Latinos) create altars and light votives to remember those they’ve loved and lost. Seems a great time to get out of the box a bit. A different sound, different look, different way of opening to God. Definitely invite the wider public to join us. Ideas?

* Speaking of invitations, we gotta get evangelical! A lightbulb from a local colleague: Think of 10 people you could invite to The Crossing. And then do it. Friends. People who seem like they could use community. Put up a flier at a bookstore or coop or coffee house. But focus on just talking to people. Seems wild. Crazy. But if you sense that we’ve got a good thing coming to life here, then it’s time to share it.

* If you have other ideas for spreading the word and spreading the love, pass them along to the whole.

* The group agreed last week that we’re taking Sabbath on Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 23). Feel free to mark your calendar.

And most importantly, big thanks for coming and offering your gifts and hopes in this new thing God is doing in Boston. We're all learning so much -- about the movement of the Spirit, about dreaming together, about leadership -- and coming together with you, seeing so many of you coming into your own, is simply the highlight of my priesthood.

Rev. Steph