Friday, January 09, 2009

can you see the light?

Epiphany. Look it up, and you'll see it's "an illuminating discovery, realization or disclosure." It's also the holiday many Christians celebrated yesterday. Why Epiphany? That's how the three magi must've experienced Jesus' birth -- coming to see the baby, discovering God right there, the light of the world suddenly close enough to touch. Surely that's how people around Jesus experienced him -- a child growing and filling with wisdom, revealing more and more of the life and light of God with every day. And surely it's still happening, right now. So where's Jesus showing up in your life, in our world? And what are you gonna do about it? 'Tis the season to look around. 'Tis the season to make the shocking discovery that God is with us, and to live as if that epiphany matters.

THIS THURSDAY @ 6-7:30pm / Worship
This season of Epiphany, Michael Zahniser shares gospel reflections on Jesus' calling and our callings, while Marie Harkey helps us to pray with the psalms as our spiritual practice. Getting here: 138 Tremont St -- Park St T or Downtown Crossing. Driving: Park at Boston Common Garage on Charles St between the Common and the Public Garden (validated parking). More info: See our website @

FRI., 1/16 (evening) to SUN., 1/18 (evening) / Ruach Retreat in Maine
What does it mean to get closer to God? Have you hoped to have a "close encounter of the God kind"? That's the theme for this year's Ruach Retreat, a gathering for folks in their 20s and 30s that's co-sponsored by The Diocese of Maine and The Crossing. Plenty of slots still available! Location: Notre Dame Spiritual Center in Alfred, Maine (2 hrs north of Boston). Cost: $90, w/ financial assistance available. Rides: We'll have at least one car going from Boston -- details upon registration. For more info: contact Ben Garren at

Small Groups @ The Crossing
Small Groups @ The Crossing are starting up again! Groups will take several shapes: closed circle and drop-in, scripture-based and topical. The promise: we'll build community and grow as disciples. Sound good? Contact Jason Long, our Minister for Community Life, to learn more or if you'd like to be part of a group ( or 617.617.519.1538).

Share the Groove -- Buy a copy of The Crossing's new CD
The Crossing has released its first CD, Songs @ The Crossing. It's a collection of 14 favorite songs from our worship community, and you can get it for $15. Reply to this email or buy one on a Thursday.

Fair Trade @ The Crossing
Want to pitch in with our effort to become a Fair Trade Ministry? The first move: changes in hospitality (fair trade/organic food, eco-friendly products, re-usable dishes that we wash after worship). To help and imagine more ways to transform life @ The Crossing, contact Bill Comer at or 617.818.5124.

Ongoing Justice & Healing Opportunities
We're serious about joining ministries that serve our homeless and hungry brothers and sisters. Please join us any day of the week!
** Monday Lunch Program takes place here at The Cathedral every Monday. Show up @ 10am to help with set-up, or at 11:30am-12:45pm to help serve & build community with our neighbors. Contact Rev. Steph at or 617.482.4826, x318.
** St. Francis House: Volunteers needed everyday to help serve meals and provide care. Boylston St, near Chinatown. Contact Lynn Campbell at or 617.654.1212. Note: Help especially appreciated on Wed., 11/26 at 9-11am (meal prep) and 11:15am-1:15pm (serve meal).
** Haley House is a Catholic-worker style community in the South End. Volunteers needed for meals programs 6-10am every day AND 1:30-5pm Saturday and Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Could also use help tending an urban orchard in Mission Hill. See

If you'd like to be in touch, we'd love to connect with YOU! Look at the list and then reach out:
** Stephanie Spellers: / 617.482.4826, x318 (priest, communications, pastoral care)
** Jason Long: / 617.617.519.1538 (newcomers, small groups)
** Chris Ashley: (budget, hospitality)
** Lynn Campbell: (ministries with the homeless, pastoral care)
** Andrea Castner-Wyatt: (worship arts, "the groovement")
** Marie Harkey: (admin, general)
** Ashley Merrell: (music ministry)
** Travis Stevens: (arts & community, Emerson College)

Hunting for epiphanies everywhere ...,
Rev. Steph

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