Friday, February 01, 2008

change is comin'

Last night we celebrated transfiguration - the brilliant, mountaintop moment when Jesus revealed his divinity to his friends (Matt 17:1-9). I love this story, and I need to hear about transfiguration right now. My heart is heavy with yet more news of the slaughter of people on the streets of Kenya and the suffering of Palestinians who can barely get a trickle of fuel and food that lasts a few days. The power of God -- alive and working in us -- CAN transfigure a pain-wracked world. Believe that. And then, let's live it.

What's Happening @ The Crossing?
EVERY THURSDAY / Spiritual practice (6pm) & worship (6:30pm): We wrap up the season of Epiphany with a transfiguration reflection from Penny Larson tonight. Come at 6pm for the month's spiritual practice: a creative icon meditation using surprising images that reveal the face of God. Driving? We validate parking at the Boston Common Underground Garage -- $3 for the whole evening.

SHROVE TUESDAY, 2/5 @ 5:30pm / The Last Alleluia Party: Bring your appetite and a creative spirit as we party with friends from The Cathedral community, chow down on pancakes and decorate the sanctuary for the changing season. One more party, one more "Alleluia!" before we shift to Lent ...

ASH WEDNESDAY, 2/6 @ 6pm / Evening Prayer with Imposition of Ashes: Come on Ash Wednesday to pray, chant, bow our heads, receive the mark of ashes and link hands to begin the journey through Lent (the solemn weeks of reflection and simplicity that take us deep into the life, death and, finally, the resurrection of Jesus).

MONDAYS, 2/11 and 2/25 @ 6:30-8pm / Harvard Square Scripture Chat: Join us 2nd and 4th Mondays (that's the 11th and 25th) at 6:30pm at Grendel's Den for our Harvard Square Scripture Chat. Don't know much about scripture? Fine by us. Come and discover how our stories connect with the ancient story and with God's story. Bonus: Grendel's half-price dinner menu. Getting there: JFK St., toward the river, on right, same strip as Peet's Coffee, just before Staples). Contact Chris Ashley at or 312.451.5124.

TUESDAYS IN LENT (2/12-3/11), 6-8pm / Foundations of the Faith Class: Our own Rev. Steph and the other two very cool priests at The Cathedral will lead a weekly class on the big topics in faith (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Prayer, you get the idea). Participants will be part of small groups. Want to be a small group leader? Want to join the journey? Contact Rev. Steph at NOTE: If you've thought about getting confirmed in the Episcopal Church, this is great prep!!

SOCIAL JUSTICE & SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES: Want to receive word on ways to engage in AND pray for social action, service and healing? Then get on Edith's list! If you want to receive the news, email her at
. And if you'd like to add something to the list -- an event, a prayer, a proposal for action -- email her that, too! There's also an open door to join the two homeless ministries we're tied to: St. Francis House (daily: contact Lynn @ and Monday Lunch Program (every Monday: contact Hal @

PLUGGING INTO MINISTRY @ THE CROSSING: There's room for everybody's gifts in this community (it's part of what we mean by "radical welcome.") This contact list will help you to connect:
Grooving in the light of Christ

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