Thursday, November 15, 2007

Life @ The Crossing: Giving thanks

Since we won't be gathering at The Crossing on Thanksgiving, think of this Thursday as your alternate opportunity to give thanks, gather at God's table with the family, share from the bounty of what we've received, and commit ourselves to living with deeper gratitude to the One who made us and loves us. Come to think of it, who needs a holiday to live like that? Ahh ... now we're getting somewhere.

Let's see what else is coming up tonight, next week and beyond @ The Crossing:What's Going On @ The Crossing

EVERY THURSDAY (exc. Thanksgiving) / Spiritual practice & worship: Come at 6pm, when Hal Carter leads the month's spiritual practice -- finding God in the natural world. We worship at 6:30pm, with music, prayer & communion to neosouls grooves, plus Chris Ashley offering deep thoughts spurred by the Gospel of Luke. Rev. Steph is in North Carolina, which opens the space for The Rev. Steve Bonsey, The Cathedral's most awesome "Canon for Evangelism" (love that title!), to step in as celebrant.

THIS WEEKEND / The Crossing Crew Retreat: The key leaders of The Crossing (most are listed @ bottom of this email) go on retreat this weekend to dream with God what our future holds. Please pray for this ministry, pray for our leaders, pray that we can listen and follow God and keep building and growing a funky Christian community that welcomes, heals and prepares EVERYBODY for God's mission. Alleluia, here we go!

11/22 @ 11am / Thanksgiving service and meal @ The Cathedral: There's no Crossing that night, but come in the morning for a Thanksgiving Eucharist and stay to help serve and share a meal with Cathedral members and neighbors, including a lot of folks who might not otherwise get a Thanksgiving meal. Contact Pam Pleasants at if you'd like to bring a dish or help with serving.

11/26 @ 6:30pm / Harvard Square Scripture Chat: Join 2nd and 4th Mondays at 6:30 pm at Grendel's Den for our Harvard Square Scripture Chat, a relaxed Bible study for the rest of us. No need to be a Bible scholar, just be curious about how our stories connect with the ancient story and with God's story. Bonus: Grendel's half-price menu = dinner and a drink for under $10. Getting to Grendel's: JFK St. at Winthrop, toward the river, same strip as Peet's Coffee, just before Staples; we're usually sitting at the back). Contact Chris Ashley at or 312.451.5124 to get connected, or if you're lost.

12/6 and 12/7 / Finding Our Way Conference: A conference on the future of the progressive church, inc. things emergent. Featuring heavy-hitters Brian McLaren, Diana Butler Bass and Marcus Borg. Thursday evening opening panel; Friday is packed with presentations and discussions. Free, but you have to register at ( Location: First Church in Cambridge, 11 Garden Street.


  • Thanksgiving Day @ The Cathedral (11am worship, followed by meal): Contact Pam Pleasants at
  • St. Francis House Day Shelter (help needed everyday): Contact Lynn Campbell @ or 617.718.2055.
  • Monday Lunch Program (help every Monday to cook and share a meal with hungry brothers and sisters): Contact Hal Carter @ or 425.238.0505.
PLUGGING INTO MINISTRY @ THE CROSSING / There's room for everybody's gifts, questions and hopes @ The Crossing (okay, esp. if you've got some web savvy/see above!). Use this contact list to get plugged into ministry and life in our community:

  • Stephanie Spellers,, 617.482.4826, x318 (Priest @ The Crossing; Communications)
  • Chris Ashley,, 312.451.5124 (Scripture Chat Group; Greeting & Hospitality)
  • Ashley Merrell,, 330.883.9089 (Music Ministry)
  • Edith Bross,, 610.248.1734 (Justice & Service Opportunities)
  • Lynn Campbell,, 617.230.5272 (Newcomer Connections)
  • Ben Garren,, 919.691.5585 (Worship/Creative Input)
  • Jason Long ,, 617.519.1538 (Faith-Sharing Small Group)
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