Wednesday, May 13, 2009

lost and found

It happens to everyone. Monday was my turn. Someone snuck into my office here at church -- I had run out for 10 minutes to give a homeless man a copy of our Crossing CD because he was depressed and wanted some peaceful, good music to play on his portable CD player. The thief took both my wallet and my BlackBerry. In this day and age, you could say they took a big chunk of my life.

So I sleep-walked my way through the rest of the day, cancelling this, trying to get my hands on that. Bought a weekly T-pass to replace the stolen monthly one. Then I discovered the value of my monthly T-pass actually transfers when it's stolen. At first, the news just made me more angry. "Great! They took my money, and now I've wasted more money on a weekly pass." I headed to the T, sad and quietly fuming.

On the way, I ran into some friends who live on or near the streets. They had heard what happened, offered their support. I thanked them and kept going. Then I shook my head, clearing it of cobwebs and muck. Something made me turn back to them and ask, "Hey, do you guys know someone who rides the T a lot but doesn't have a pass or get the disabled rate? I've got this extra one." They pointed me to a young man on a bench, said he'd just gotten a job and could use a pass. I walked up, introduced myself. We chatted, and I gave him the pass.

That moment, it was like a cloud lifted. Like that chunk of life, the one I thought I had lost, suddenly clicked back into place. Generosity and gratitude work that way. They redeem us, make us human (dare I say -- holy) again, drag us out of the prison of self-absorption, knit us into community and closer to the heart of God. I'm still kinda sad. But I'm sad for people who've lost a whole lot more than I ever have. And I'm looking forward to the next chance to give again, because it works wonders on this crabby old heart.

what's happening @ the crossing?
THIS THURSDAY @ 6pm / Worship and Fellowship
Our own wise and funny Audrey O'Brien shares gospel reflections this month, and Jeremy Marks (our Boston College intern, who graduates soon!) continues our Easter season spiritual practice of finding the risen Christ in our work for justice and healing. After worship: Join us for simple hospitality and stick around for our ritual procession to Fajitas 'n Ritas for cheap food and drinks. Getting to The Crossing: Across from Park St. T. Parking: Validated parking @ Boston Common Garage on Charles Street (b/t Common and Public Garden). More info: head to

THIS SATURDAY @ 6pm at St. Peter's Church in Weston / Jubilee Celebrates Africa
Join this celebration to raise money and build relationships & awareness around global poverty and healing, particularly in Africa. Sponsored by Jubilee Ministry, the diocesan group that coordinates ministry and relationships on the ground in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. The celebration features music, an auction (Red Sox tix and more!) and African crafts sale. Tickets: $25. Location: St. Peter's Episcopal Church, 320 Boston Post Road, Weston. Contact: Maggie Geller 617-482-4826, ext. 351 or or Kate at

THIS SUNDAY @ 6:30-9pm / Summer Small Groups Planning Dinner
We're planning on sharing plenty of formation and fun this summer. If you’d like to help plan summer small groups and formation offerings, join our Minister for Community Life, Jason Long, for dinner at his home this Sunday night. Contact: Jason at or 617-519-1538 to RSVP and get directions.

community notes
You got stuff to share (a job, a couch, a theater gig you want people to attend …)? You need stuff (lost scarf, dog-sitter, a summer sublet …)? Log onto our brand new online forum to connect and share information about random community announcements -- including upcoming events, apartment sublets, job opportunities, lost-and-found, furniture exchange, help requests, etc.

Giving @ The Crossing
If you'd like to make a contribution to support the ministries of The Crossing -- and yes, this ministry depends on all of our giving, to meet our goal of raising $20,000 in 2009 -- we've got new pledge cards available at worship. You can make a one-time gift, or prayerfully consider pledging (setting out an amount you'd like to give over the course of a year). Give however you're able: cash, check or credit cards. Contact Chris Ashley at to learn more.

Share the Groove -- Buy a copy of The Crossing CD
The Crossing has released its first CD, Songs @ The Crossing. It's a collection of 14 favorite songs from our worship community, and you can get it for $15. Reply to this email or buy one on a Thursday. Fair Trade @ The CrossingWant to pitch in with our effort to become a Fair Trade Ministry? The first move: changes in hospitality (fair trade/organic food, eco-friendly products, re-usable dishes that we wash after worship). To help and imagine more ways to transform life @ The Crossing, contact Bill Comer at or 617.818.5124. And join friends at Boston Faith and Justice Network as they put the spotlight on fair trade and justice issues locally and globally. Go to for more info.

ongoing justice and healing ministries
We're serious about joining ministries that serve our homeless and hungry brothers and sisters. Please join us any day of the week!
** Monday Lunch Program: Cathedral every Monday, 10am to help with set-up, or 11:30am-12:45pm to help serve & build community with our neighbors. Contact Jeremy at
** St. Francis House: Volunteers needed every day to help serve meals and provide care. Boylston St, near Chinatown. Contact Lynn Campbell at
** Haley House is a Catholic-worker style community in the South End. Volunteers needed for meals programs 6-10am every day AND 1:30-5pm Saturday and Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Could use help tending an urban orchard in Mission Hill. See

getting connected @ the crossing
If you'd like to be in touch, we'd love to connect with YOU! Look at the list and then reach out:
** Stephanie Spellers: / 617.482.4826, x318 (priest, communications, pastoral care)
** Jason Long: / 617.482.4826, x311 (newcomers)
** Chris Ashley: (budget, hospitality)
** Lynn Campbell: (ministries with the homeless)
** Jeremy Marks: (Monday Lunch Program)
** Ashley Merrell: (music ministry)
** Travis Stevens: (arts and outreach)

Blessings in the groove,
Rev. Steph

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