Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Life @ The Crossing: No worship ... but wait, there's more!

THE CROSSING IS ON AUGUST BREAK, which means no worship or regularly scheduled small groups in August. We start back with spiritual practice and worship on Thursday, September 6.

But wait! That doesn’t mean we won’t keep the circle open and the connections flowing. Every Thursday in August there’s a happening in The Crossing community. So bring a friend and join the crew! (email the contacts for each gathering for details)

August 2: Evan Gutierrez's Latin Jazz Quartet

WHERE: Les Zygomates Club, 129 South Street in Boston
WHEN: approx. 9pm-12am
CONTACT: Jason Long at

August 9: Cookies & Milk Party

WHAT: Soy & dairy milks provided – bring whatever cookies you love and love to share
WHERE: Kendra McLaughlin’s house in Kenmore Square
WHEN: 7pm
Email Kendra at kendra.mclaughlin@gmail.com

August 16: Matt Crichton’s Good-bye Party

WHAT: Our yoga-teaching brother is heading off to the Peace Corps!
WHERE: Matt’s house in Somerville
WHEN: 6pm
CONTACT: Call Matt at 617.894.6064 or see the Evite here

August 23: Sundaes on Thursday

WHAT: Edith's got the soy and dairy ice cream - you bring a topping
WHERE: Edith Bross’s house in Central Square
WHEN: 7pm
CONTACT: Email Edith at

August 30: Bake 'n Mail Party

WHAT: Bake yummies and craft care packages to welcome folks back to The Crossing
WHERE: Rev. Stephanie Spellers’ house in Central Square
WHEN: 7pm
CONTACT: Email Rev. Steph at

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