Wednesday, January 12, 2011

and we're back!

It's not that I stopped sending out regular postings to our community. I've just been doing it using Constant Contact. Alas, there's not the easy post-to-blogger as you post-to-gmail function with this new service. So I've been woefully out of touch with anyone keeping tabs on our community via this blog.

So here's my promise: From now on, I'll provide 1) the opening thoughts from the community e-blast and 2) a link to the webpage where the new "newsletter" is kept.

Sound good? Here goes! First, to get back into the flow, here are some recent links:
December 30, 2010: Children of the Light
January 4, 2011: What Can I Give?

And here's the opening and link for today's posting:

January 12: Tweet Tweet

I hope most of you enjoyed a much deserved Snow Day today. Some of us -- especially telecommuters like me -- worked the same as always. So unfair! But the grace is that I hit send on the edits

Tweet cover
One good book! Tweet If You [Heart] Jesus

for a new book that kicks church booty: Elizabeth Drescher's Tweet If You [Heart] Jesus: Practicing Church in the Digital Reformation.

Will being the editor for this book finally force me to carve more time for Facebook, get a Twitter account and write a more meaty blog? I'm guessing no (but hey, miracles happen!). It has certainly stirred my thinking about the extraordinary community that meets, gathers, shares, prays and nurtures each other in social digital space. And it makes me wonder what the physical church can learn from all of you who are making authentic community happen online, or enriching your face-to-face community with a commitment to listen, attend and connect digitally.

I could tell you more. Instead, you can click here and go to Elizabeth's homepage.

The book comes out later this spring. The revolution has already begun. Can we keep up?

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