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saints go marching in

Someone made you who you are. Someone's life shines before you, an example that inspires you to love, to imagine, to believe. Who are these saints? They may be living or dead. You may know them up close, and you may have admired them from a great distance of time or space. Whoever they are, this Thursday you can bring their names and photos, their words and their wisdom -- bring it all to worship. We will join in the ancient observance of All Saints by creating an altar filled with images and names and prayers of our saints. We will sing songs from the many traditions that bring life to our community. And we will ask those saints to circle 'round, a cloud of witnesses who whisper and yearn and hope in us today. Come and remember.

what's going on at the crossing?
THURSDAYS @ 8am / Jogging for Jesus @ Charles-MGH Red Line T Stop
See "Small Groups and Formation" for details or call Stephen for a weather check: 917.536.7848.

THURSDAYS @ BEFORE WORSHIP / Prayer OR Help with Set-up
If you've got extra time on Thursdays, consider one of these ways of plugging in:
5:15pm Set-up: Our worship arts team can always use extra hands to prepare the space for worship. CONTACT: Marie Harkey at mharkey@gmail.com.
5:30pm Prayer: Gather in the back pews for a small prayer circle, where we will offer up community concerns and hopes and get centered prior to worship. CONTACT: Michael Zahniser at michael@zahniser.net.

THURSDAYS @ 6pm / All Saints Worship and Remembrance
Marie Harkey wraps the month's reflections, drawing on the images and words of saints she met in Kenya this summer. Travis Stevens leads the night's spiritual practice: creating remembrance cards for our saints. AFTER WORSHIP: Snacks and community, and then we head out for a cheap meal together. GETTING TO THE CROSSING: 138 Tremont St., across from Park St. T. PARKING: Validated parking @ Boston Common Garage on Charles Street (b/t Common and Public Garden). MORE INFO: Head to

THIS SUN., 11/1 @ 12-2pm at The Cathedral / Volunteer at Ecclesia Ministries
Our Minister for Justice and Outreach, Justin Harvey, is mobilizing a crew to volunteer at Ecclesia Ministries, the outdoor church on Boston Common that gathers homeless people and friends for worship, food and life every Sunday (read more at www.ecclesia-ministries.org). We'll gather at The Cathedral, help with hospitality and worship with this amazing community. CONTACT Justin at justin@diomassintern.org.

THIS SUNDAY @ 5-8pm / Crossing Leadership Crew Meets for "Scrum"
Please pray for our ministry leaders. And if you have any questions or concerns you'd like us to take up, let us know (see end of email for list of leaders and contacts).

THURS., 11/19 / Transgender Awareness -- Worship and Open Mic Night @ The Crossing
As part of Transgender Awareness Week (11/15-11/20), The Crossing will host a celebration of the lives and witnesses of transgendered people.
6pm Worship: Penny Larson will preach on John 18:33-37 (Christ the King).
8-10pm: Transcriptions Open Mic Night at The Side Door (the old bookstore space, accessed on Temple Street). Transgendered people and allies will kick it with poetry, music, art. ADMISSION: $5 -- proceeds go to Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition. CONTACT Penny Larson at penny@pennylarson.net or 617-755-8420.

FYI: On 11/12 and 11/19, friends from Emerson College will be filming footage for a web-short for our website -- the clip will tell the story of a church where ALL God's people are welcomed. If you'd like to be on camera offering your testimony, CONTACT Penny.
The Crossing happens because we all pitch in to make it happen. These ministries are looking for partners, so please join the community making community!
-- To help with set-up of the worship space, contact Marie Harkey: mharkey@gmail.com.
-- To organize justice and service gatherings or to join the group volunteering every week to share meals and community with homeless neighbors, contact Justin Harvey: justin@diomassintern.org
-- To help with greeting or hospitality, contact Travis Stevens: tstevens@hds.harvard.edu.
-- To read, lead prayers, preach or lead a spiritual practice, contact Julia Wilkinson: juliasierraw@gmail.com.

small groups and formation
** "Covenant Group: A Discipleship Circle": Mondays @ 6:45-8:30pm
A small group of Crossing members gather for reflection, stories, spiritual practice and intentional commitment to growing as Jesus' followers. Each of the sessions will focus on an aspect of The Crossing Rule of Life.
NOTE: Group is no longer open to new participants, but contact Jason at jlong@diomass.org to find out when the next group launches.

** "Contemplative Circle": every other Wednesday @ 6-8pm
Come at 6pm to learn about the ancient practice of contemplative, centering prayer. Come at 6:30pm if you already know and just want to get down to business. Closes with the evening Compline service.
Meets every other Wednesday at the Cathedral (next dates: 11/4, 11/18, 12/2, 12/16).
CONTACT Keith at: nelsonkr@gmail.com.

** "Jogging for Jesus": Thursdays @ 8am
Join a small group of folks from The Crossing for a quick run before classes or work. There’s no program, just a chance to run with some companions. This group will meet on Thursday mornings and will convene in front of the CVS at the C
harles/MGH Stop on the Red-Line.
CONTACT Stephen at: stephengire@mac.com or call Travis at 213.675.1627

** “French Conversation Group”: random Fridays in Central Square
Speak French? Wish you knew more French? Enjoy wine and cheese? Sparkling water? If so, this group’s for you! On announced Fridays, we’ll kick-back at the end of the week for some conversation, light food, and a chance to practice speaking French!
CONTACT Travis at: tstevens@hds.harvard.edu.

SUNDAYS @ THE CROSSING 1st Sunday: No Program -- The Crossing Leadership Crew gathers to pray and plan.

2nd Sunday: “The Nouwen Readers” -- Nov. 8 @ 6-8pm at Tealuxe (108 Newbury St., Boston) Meet downstairs at Tealuxe on Newbury St. to have tea and share conversation around the writings of Henri Nouwen -- a powerful spiritual writer. Second gathering: Henri Nouwen’s Reaching Out -- read up to chapter 2. CONTACT Bill at: bill.comer.jr@gmail.com

3rd Sundays: “Exploring Our Faith Through Art” -- Nov. 15 @ 6-8pm at The Cathedral
Engage artistic expressions and practices and explore the relationship between art and our faith. CONTACT Stephen at stephengire@mac.com.
4th Sundays: “Everyone Does Theology” -- Nov. 22 @ The Cathedral Come together for a seminar-style exploration of the great “mysteries” of our faith (Nov: Creation; Dec: The Incarnation). Practice doing theology in ways that engage and empower ALL of us. CONTACT Keith at: nelsonkr@gmail.com

justice and service opportunities
Here are just a few ways to link and serve.
If you are engaged in justice and social action and want to invite others to partner with you, reply to this email and we’ll list the event or program, along with your contact info.

** Monday Lunch Program: Cathedral every Monday, 10am to help with set-up, or 11:30am-12:45pm to help serve & build community with our neighbors. CONTACT Justin at justin@diomassintern.org.

Boston Faith and Justice Network: Build awareness, relationships and action around fair trade and justice issues locally and globally. Go to www.bostonfaithjustice.org for more info.

community notes
Connect with New Ministry Leaders
We've got an amazing new crew of ministry leaders making life happen here @ TheCrossing, and they can all use partners to join their teams. See where you might like to plug in this year:

** Marie Harkey: mharkey@gmail.com (to get creative around worship)
** Justin Harvey:
justin@diomassintern.org (to share info about your justice work or learn about opportunities OR if you’re a newcomer)
** Penny Larson:
penny@pennylarson.net (to suggest communities/groups we should reach out to)
** Jason Long:
jlong@diomass.org (to join new fall small groups)
** Keith Nelson:
nelsonkr@gmail.com (to learn about The Crossing’s Rule of Life & spiritual formation)
** Lispeth Nutt:
lispethn@gmail.com (to help with web ministry)
** Rev. Steph Spellers:
revsteph@gmail.com (to get pastoral support or just connect)
** Travis Stevens: tstevens@hds.harvard.edu (to be a greeter or help w/ post-worship hospitality)
** Jamie Urquhart:
jlynnu@hotmail.com (to share favorite songs or offer musical talent)
** Kirsten Wesselhoeft: kirsten.m.w@gmail.com (to learn about the Rule or outreach)
** Julia Wilkinson:
juliasierraw@gmail.com (to preach or lead spiritual practice)
** Michael Zahniser: michael@zahniser.net (to talk about starting a Crossing house or pre-worship prayer circle)

Making Music Together
Our new music director, Jamie Urquhart, wants to know the songs that most stir your heart. And if you like making music -- singing, playing an instrument, writing -- let her know that, too.
CONTACT: Jamie at jlynnu@hotmail.com to share favorite titles or your musical talent.

Giving @ The Crossing – An Update
We're past halfway toward our annual giving goal of $20,000 in 2009, but it’s gonna take a generous three months to meet our goal. Please prayerfully consider making a one-time gift or start pledging (setting out an amount you'd like to give over the course of a year, and filling out a pledge card so we know we can count on your contribution). Give however you're able: cash, check or credit cards.
CONTACT: Chris Ashley at chris.ashley@gmail.com.

InBetweenCrossings: groups.google.com/group/inbetweencrossings
You got stuff to share (a job, a couch, a theater gig you want people to attend …)? You need stuff (lost scarf, dog-sitter, an apartment sublet …)? Log onto our online forum to connect and share information about random community announcements -- including upcoming events, apartment sublets, job opportunities, lost-and-found, furniture exchange, help requests, etc.

Blessings, peace and power!
Rev. Steph

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