Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a good word from north carolina

I write to you from the Episcopal House of Bishops meeting in North Carolina, where I'm serving my first term as ChaplaThe Futurein to the House. (Jason Long and Arrington Chambliss presented Saturday and set it off right!). It's insanely intimidating to be one of two priests providing pastoral support, organizing liturgies and preaching multiple sermons to the gathered body of nearly 200 bishops. But last Thursday night, before I left for North Carolina, The Crossing community did a laying on of hands for me. Folks stretched out to touch my head and shoulders, or the shoulder of the person closest to them, and Kevin Vetiac prayed an amazing Holy Spirit-filled prayer over me. I took that power, and stories from our community and images of your faces, with me to the House.

It's been a beautiful and heartening experience walking with the bishops and praying with them as they cast a vision for what's next in the life of the Episcopal Church. If I've preached well, listened well, loved well in my time here, it's because you are with me and I'm representing the hope we find in Jesus Christ at The Crossing. So big thanks to God and thanks to you. And now, back to the bishops ...

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