Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Life @ The Crossing: Walking in his footsteps

Lately I've heard folks around here asking, "What's Epiphany anyway?" And I suddenly realized the whole concept of "liturgical seasons" -- breaking the Christian year into definable seasons that track with the seasons in Jesus' life and the life of the early church -- doesn't really play in most Protestant churches (outside of Episcopalians and Lutherans, plus some errant Methodists and United Church of Christ).

And yet, it works. It works to start the church year anticipating Jesus' birth (that's Advent). It feels right to begin the Christmas season on Dec. 25, and to sit with the miracle of God-among-us for a while (hence the 12 days of Christmas). And now, in Epiphany, don't you want to celebrate the literal "revelation" and "showing forth" of Jesus -- his baptism, the start of his ministry, his calling of the first disciples? Well, that's what we're doing during this season. And when Lent comes (Feb. 6 = Ash Wednesday), we'll start a different journey with Jesus -- the journey to the cross.

But for now, it's all about the light of Christ, the revelation of that wild, brief time when Jesus walked among us in the flesh, gathered a rag-tag crew to himself, touched and taught and healed and changed everything forever. Let's stay with that story. See what it reveals ...

What’s Going On @ The Crossing
EVERY THURSDAY / Spiritual practice (6pm) & worship (6:30pm): We've got several fresh voices leading reflections this month, so come to worship God and support each other. Arrive early and experience the month’s spiritual practice: a creative icon meditation using surprising images that reveal the face of God. Driving? We validate parking at the Boston Common Underground Garage -- $3 for the whole evening.

MLK WEEKEND (1/19-1/21) / Ruach Retreat in Maine: You could STILL join this weekend's young adult retreat, but speak TODAY! We'll explore the idea of the "God-shaped hole in our lives" and see about keeping it open for God. Takes place at the Notre Dame Spiritual Center in Alfred, Maine. Co-sponsored by The Crossing and the Diocese of Maine. Alfred, Maine, is 2 hrs N of Boston. Retreat runs from 2pm Saturday to 11am Monday. Cost is $95; financial assistance AND rides available. To register or get more info, contact Audrey O’Brien at

WEDNESDAY, 1/23 / Radical Welcome Circle: Join this monthly gathering of folks who are serious about the practice of radical welcome: opening our hearts and lives to the surprising gifts of folks who usually stand at the margins of society and church. It's a Cathedral-sponsored gathering, but the two leaders are actually part of The Crossing. For more info, contact Rev. Steph at or Ken Farmer at

MONDAY, 1/28 @ 6:30-8pm / Harvard Square Scripture Chat: Join us 2nd and 4th Mondays (next gathering is on the 28th) at 6:30pm at Grendel's Den for our Harvard Square Scripture Chat. Don’t know much about scripture? That’s alright. Join the crew to discover how our stories connect with the ancient story and with God's story. Bonus: Grendel's half-price dinner menu. Getting there: JFK St., toward the river, on right, same strip as Peet's Coffee, just before Staples). Contact Chris Ashley at or 312.451.5124.

TUESDAYS IN LENT (2/12-3/11), 6-8pm / Foundations of the Faith Class: Our own Rev. Steph and the other two very cool priests at The Cathedral will lead a weekly class on the big topics in faith (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Prayer, you get the idea). Participants will be part of small groups. Want to be a small group leader? Want to join the journey? Contact Rev. Steph at

SOCIAL JUSTICE & SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES: Want to receive word on ways to engage in AND pray for social action, service and healing? Then get on Edith's list! If you want to receive the news, email her at And if you’d like to add something to the list -- an event, a prayer, a proposal -- email her that, too! There's also an open door to join the two homeless ministries we're tied to: St. Francis House (daily: contact Lynn @ and Monday Lunch Program (every Monday: contact Hal @

PLUGGING INTO MINISTRY @ THE CROSSING: There's room for everybody's gifts in this community (how else can we emerge/grow/burst into all that God dreams for us?). This contact list will help you to connect:

  • Chris Ashley,, 312.451.5124 (Scripture Chat Group; Greeting & Hospitality)
  • Edith Bross,, 610.248.1734 (Justice & Service Opportunities)
  • Lynn Campbell,, 617.230.5272 (Newcomer Connections)
  • Hal Carter,, 425.238.0505 (Logistics and Administration; Monday Lunch Program
  • Ben Garren,, 919.691.5585 (Worship/Creative Input)
  • Jason Long ,, 617.519.1538 (Faith-Sharing Small Group)
  • Ashley Merrell,, 330.883.9089 (Music Ministry)
  • Stephanie Spellers,, 617.482.4826, x318 (Priest; Pastoral Care; Communications)
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