Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Life @ The Crossing: Epiphanies Everywhere ...

Welcome to the New Year!

It's time for new habits, new promises … and a new year at The Crossing. We hope you'll come and add your spirit to the funky, progressive, soulful community here this Epiphany ~ every Thursday @ 6:30 p.m. at St. Paul's Cathedral.

What's on deck for January?
 ** Reflections on the Good News: Ben Garren digs into the Epiphany lectionary to explore just how Jesus is showing up in our everyday, messy, complicated lives, helping us to declare ourselves "beloved" and to spread some real love to the ones we might just want to turn away.

 ** Spiritual Practice: Come at 6 to share in spiritual practices that train us to discover holiness in our everyday routines.

 ** Music: Ed Broms and Christine Jugueta -- joined by assorted musical wonders -- turn out a soulful groove every week. The music alone is sure to bring you closer to God!

 ** Scripture Chats: Stick around every week for our Scripture Chat, when we look at the next week's Good News and help the month's reflection leader to stir the pot.

 ** Worship Scrum, January 8: The Scrum is our chance to gather and plan worship for the following month. On January 8, we'll bring big tummies and big imaginations to the home of Kendra McLaughlin, our Scrum hostess. (and props to the crew at Charles River Church for the term "scrum".)

The Spirit is alive and well every Thursday at The Crossing. Come along and bring a friend!